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The Empire Grandfather Clock can house the Urgos 9-Tubular Chime Grandfather movement or the Triple Chime Rod Kieninger Grandfather movement sold by Klockit.   The plans show how to install either type of movement.

I have deviated in one way from my other plans in that hardware is used that is probably not available except by mail-order unless you have a Rocklers (formally The Woodworker's Store) in your area. However, if you are not familiar with Rocklers, as a woodworker you should be. It is a great mail-order source for hardware and other materials.

You can choose to use plain glass in the waist sides and door or you can use beveled glass. A tubular chime movement and brass dial make for one eloquent clock. Movements and dials can be ordered from Klockit.

Overall dimensions:

23" wide x 83-5/8" high x 13" deep


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