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This plan shows you how to build a computer desk from one sheet of plywood, one sheet of MDF (medium density fiberboard), one 10-foot length of PVC pipe and miscellaneous materials and hardware. The procedures shown in this plan provide you with the know-how to build tables for many uses. The construction is simple and the material choices and color options allow for many design variations. The unique table leg design using PVC pipe or steel tubing held in place by threaded rod, provides easy knock-down construction, rigidity and built in leveling. Included with the plan are measured drawings for matching tables and accessories for the computer table. You have the option to modify such things as leg diameter, table height, corner and edge trim and choice of materials (MDF, plastic laminate, plywood; plastic, aluminum or steel tubing) to give the tables any look you like.

Overall dimensions:
29-3/4" deep x 47-3/4" wide x 40" high (top shelf)

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