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The idea for this plan came from a photograph sent to me by my sister. It showed a small cradle with all the parts made from bent green wood. It was called a sleigh cradle. I liked the concept but felt bending green wood was not the approach I wanted to take. I designed it as shown and called it the Bentwood Cradle. The only parts of the structure that are actually bent are the 1/8" thick cradle slats. The rest of the parts are made from 3/4" thick material.

The cradle can be locked in position as shown in the picture. When the lock mechanism is lowered, the cradle will swing gently. The plans include full size patterns for cutting the curved parts.

Overall dimensions:

Frame: 24-3/4" wide x 52-3/4" long x 35-3/4" high.

Cradle: 20-3/4" wide x 41-1/2" long x 12" deep.


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